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     Manufactured Housing:

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Take a look at what CMHC has to say about Modular and Manufactured Housing

At Triple M Housing, our mission is to contribute towards the well being of North American Society through our endless pursuit of excellence in designing and building the most comfortable and highest value new housing for home buyers.

We believe that by delivering the best quality to our customers, we contribute a portion of what they need to achieve a future of pleasure and satisfaction. A good and safe home is important to lifelong happiness.

Let us show you the difference with service you can trust!

We specialize in custom factory built homes blending onsite building with the benefits of factory building to create a home that you desire within your budget.

We represent Triple M Housing, the leading manufacturers in high quality factory built homes. Triple M Housing offer an industry first with a standard 20 Year structural warranty giving you peace of mind for your investment. All of our homes are BUILT IN CANADA.

Factory Built homes are built to various stages of completion in an indoor climate controlled environment, away from the many weather elements that exist in site built construction.  The speed of construction and consistent quality in Factory Built homes reduces cost over runs and delays caused by weather and scheduling trades. One of the biggest benefits to Factory Built Homes is fixed cost, we can build your home to fit your budget no surprises!

Factory Built homes are typically 50% faster to build then a traditional on site build. While your home is being built in the factory, your home site can simultaneously be prepped for home delivery.

Cinch Homes can offer custom design details to fit your desired interior and exterior design preferences.

Let us build your home inside, away from damaging weather, labour challenges, material losses, waste, and put it together in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient way.